How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

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How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

If you have commercial finance then chances are you also employ staff to help run your business. We know full well how stressful it can be sometimes to run a business, especially in todays climate and with recent events impacting all of us. It can be easy to let company morale slip and things get on top of us. As a rule it’s important to try to always act professional in front of your staff and keep a cool head, even when thing’s aren’t going well.

We often sometimes forget that some staff may also be down, worried about their job security in todays climate or something else home or work related. It’s important to get the most productivity from your staff that they are well motivated and happy at work. There are various methods and ways to encourage a happy workplace and happy staff and here at Squared Commercial Finance we have put a few ideas together that will hopefully help you keep your staff happy and motivated.

Be Supportive:
Sometimes not all reasons for someone being down are workplace related, it could be an issue at home or personal reasons. Always encourage a staff member to be open about their issues if they want to, an open door policy is always good. Maybe once a week bring somebody into the company for staff to talk to on an individual basis. A supportive boss will always be seen upon as someone to work hard for.

Offer Rewards:
People will stay with your business and work hard as long as they have a reason to. Rewards are a great way to motivate staff, be it a weekly or monthly target. There are many ways to reward staff, profit share, credits for prizes, bonuses, vouchers for a job well done and much more. People will always work harder if they know they will be rewarded as well as put more effort in to the task in-hand too. It doesn’t have to be anything significant or expensive, small rewards are a fun way to motivate also, like a free posh coffee at lunch or bacon butty on a Friday.

Share Positive Feedback:
Nothing beats that feeling when you feel appreciated. It fuels motivation and is one of the biggest reasons alone to share positive feedback with your employees when good things happen. This can be done by a simple email or weekly meetings or even on an individual basis. It doesn’t also have to be on a grand scale the achievement, maybe an employee has made a customer happy or feel better. Sharing positive feedback with employees also shows as a boss you are aware of your staff and the efforts they put in.

Offer Food & Treats In The Workplace:
Who doesn’t love it when someone brings in cake for their birthday at work. The feel good factor this brings can be replicated by having treats and snacks available for staff in the workplace. It can be as simple as a bowl of sweets or candy it doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can make staff feel appreciated also. Maybe soup on a winters day perhaps. Creating an enjoyable workplace environment can be as simple as having access to treats as and when the afternoon lull kicks in. Food perks are something you should seriously consider when looking to improve staff morale and help with the feel good factor of the office or workplace.

Encourage Pro-activeness:
We’ve all heard the stories about bosses who are closed to any ideas from staff, sometimes to the point of being stubborn. We should never forget that your employees are the ones who are on the ground floor so to speak, who normally have the most contact with the everyday business process. So, who better to be in a position to offer ideas and feedback. Giving staff room to grow encourages pro-activeness. This also helps employees as it allows them room to develop and can give them a sense that development and promotion are all achievable in your workplace.

Be Approachable:
If your employees feel you are closed off and un-approachable then this will reflect in their attitude to their work. An open door policy will always help with giving your staff the freedom to bring in fresh ideas or voice their concerns with you. Never shut down staff or close off or reduce the communication pathways as this can be highly detrimental to productivity. Being transparent also helps too. Responding to internal emails fast from your staff can only be a good thing and this means they are more likely to come to you with a problem then hide it away.

This ones an easy one, simply listening to your staff and taking in what they have to say helps with morale. Employees who feel they have been listened to will always be more respectful and feel more respected, as well as valued. If you have weekly staff meetings then always give them an opportunity to ask questions or have a voice, never just make it one way communication with meetings that just have staff sitting there and yourself talking.

Have Fun:
People who love coming to work are more likely to be productive and take pride in their work then someone who just comes into work as matter of routine. Having a fun environment and a more relaxed approach can also vastly reduce stress and improve staff morale. It could be anything from a games corner to pool table for lunch time games. Themed days are a good idea too and fancy dress days to raise money for charity.

Motivate Individually:
As well as motivating on a group level with weekly meetings or emails you should always encourage and motivate on an individual level too. A personal email to an employee might take you 30 seconds but to them it’s very much appreciated, even if it’s just a keep up the hard work note. It’s all well and good trying to motivate a group but people really do respond well and appreciate one to one communication especially when it’s to receive positive comments.

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