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Its fair to say 2020 tested us all and every business was impacted in one way or another, some more then others. Many businesses went inter liquidation, some huge high street brands included. No business was safe form the affects of the pandemic. Some companies needed help besides the one the Government provided. This was more then likely in the form of business finance loans. Whilst they helped it was also important to remember these are loans and would need to be paid back at some point.

There is hope and optimism that 2021 will be different however this will most likely be in the latter part of the year from June onwards when we start to see things slowly return to normal, or as normal can be under the circumstances. Here at Squared Commercial Finance we provide many different types of business finance products and loans and we can work as your preferred broker.

Amongst the products we can help with are:

• Short term loans
• Long term loans
• Bridging loans
• Mezzanine finance
• Commercial mortgages

Knowing which product is suitable for your needs is essential to safeguard your business going forward and this is where we can help. We have all the knowledge and experience of the hundreds of different business finance loan schemes on offer and available to your business. We can discuss what you need to raise funds for and we can then advise accordingly. There are literally hundreds of different products available and we have access to all of them including the latest rates and offers so you can be sure you are getting the latest

There are a variety of reasons why you may be looking to get a business loan finance and we can provide you with plans and options for you to choose from, some reasons to get business loans could be:

• Mortgage for bigger premises
• Hire qualified staff
• Cover a cash shortfall
• Purchase new equipment
• Expanding your business
• Create future funds
• Inventory

Most businesses across the UK are going through a rough time and experiencing difficulties. Taking out finance might not be the best solution for you and we can help advise on this before any business finance loan is taken out. As with any other kind of borrowing, a bank or other business finance loan provider will look into your credit history, but in addition they may also want to see a business plan or business accounts with projected turnover.

One question is do you want to go for an unsecured or secured business loan, each bring their own merits and risks. The highly experienced team here at Commercial Finance Squared will present to you all your options after a free no obligation chat on what your business needs. We can answer all your questions and make sure you fully understand the figures involved going forward so you can make a fully informed decision.

Business Finance Loans Broker BournemouthRushing into a commitment with finance could affect your future businesses security and this is why we work with you to make sure it’s the right thing to do, using our years of experience and knowledge so we can guide you every step of the way. Business finance loans should not be seen as a quick fix to the issues caused by the pandemic, especially with there still quite a few months to go before things start to ease back into a sense of normality.

Business Finance Loans

We can also help with commercial mortgages should you wish to move into new premises or even if you are wanting to find bigger premises as your business grows and expands. We can scour the market to find you the latest schemes and rates so you have access to all the high street providers and the latest products available. Speak to a member of the team today to get started and for an informal discussion.

We can help with any business finance loan amount from £100’s to hundreds of thousands and with so much choice to choose from in terms of products we are sure we can find you the right one for your business requirements.

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